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Apartment Building

Focused on Service

Like many PM companies, we offer a complete suite of property management solutions to effectively manage your investment property. Unlike most PM companies, we focus on tenant relations & retention to maximize cashflow, and focus on efficient property management that keeps your costs in mind - maximizing your ROI. We know you will be very surprised on the financial benefits of this approach to your bottom line. Our Focus:  Full occupancy & happy tenants maximize income, while efficient PM minimize expenses and increases your ROI & investment value. 


Property Marketing

There are a large number of beautiful new multiunit apartment buildings throughout the greater Moncton area. We focus on the benefits of living in your buildings and our tenant focused PM to market and attract good tenants. This benefits the property and your ROI in return.  


Project Management

We offer Project Management solutions that are focused on saving you money during upgrades or renovations - both big and small.  Getting the job done while focusing on your bottom line through capital expenditure is smart business. 


Repair & Maintenance 

It sounds simple... FOCUS on being efficient and effective with repair and maintenance with cost savings in mind, dramatically improves net income for your property.  Many other PM companies fail at this and cost you a lot more money!


Tenant Selection & Retention

Tenant focused allows us to retain tenants and reduce turnover.  Keeping good tenants is good for your bottom line and we focus on solutions to prevent constant turn over. 


Property Management

Our focus is on effective & efficient property management.  We focus on making you more money with lower PM fees, smart tenant selection & retention, efficient repair/maintenance.  This is a big difference with us and other PM companies - your bottom line!


Focus on Technology

We FOCUS on technology that helps us be an efficient and effective PM company.  We use technology for showings, communication, leases, applications, rent collection, notices, and maintenance! It saves time, money, and that translates to a better bottom line and cost savings to you!  

What Our Clients Say about FOCUS PM

Modern Kitchen

Sarah M.  Owner Multi-Unit Residential Property

FOCUSED Property Management definitely improved my cashflow!  My costs and expenses are much lower than when I was with another PM company.  Communication is easy, and it makes a big difference to me to see better cashflow numbers every month.  I would definitely recommend them!  Sarah M.

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